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Battery Powered


So your event is in a park and there is no power?  We can supply one speaker or whole systems to get you going.  We looked long and hard before choosing this range of battery powered gear.  For moderate sized events we can offer a 2kw system that will run for hours for (Typicaly) your fun run main stage. Of course our battery powered generators make no noise or fumes!


For your wedding ceremony in the botanical gardens a more light wieght 1.5 kw system will power your celebrant and a few jazz muso's. And our 'eon' look alikes will cater for simple pa needs as well as wireless remote speakers for bigger events. These systems are used year by year for the MS walk and ride events in Melbourne. 

2kw/4k peak geny
for larger events. Big batteries and LED flood lights fo night time set ups.

Our biggest battery geny for park events.


The cost is $100 + GST per day if we are already there with PA hire.

1.5kw/3kw peak Geny
for smaller events. Light wieght and more mobile.

A more portable 1.5 kw  geny for ceremonies and smaller events.


The cost is $90 + GST per day if we are already there with PA hire.

Battery Powered 700w Speakers. USB player and FM radio on board.

Portable battery powered speakers


Comes with 2 line ins, MP'3 usb player, FM radio reciever and can accept a wireless reciever. These have been modified with an extra battery for long performace times.


The cost is $60 + GST per day if we are onsite.

They will work here! Combine all three for bigger events! Noise and fume free!

Transmitters and recievers


We also offer battery powered Radio mics, in ear-monitors, lapel mics and headset mics.


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