Glenn Smith can offer some interesting recording options. By coupling the X32 Digital mixer to Protools we can record your live show to multitrack and remix  in our studio with great results.  Our studio is equiped with a Protools setup with many creative plug ins. Call for more info.

Live Recording


So you have booked a live show with us? Would you like to record it? Using X-32 and Protools Technology we can record your show to multitrack and bring it back to our studio and remix it. The results can be astounding and then you can use the track on your demo, website etc. Price includes a basic one pass studio mix.


Basic package cost is $200 + GST when included with a PA hire or $500 + GST stand alone.


Studio Recording


Glenn Smith can offer some limited studio recording options. More to come on this soon.


Protools and cool Plug ins!



Glenn Smith can offer limited Mastering options. More to come on this soon.

Experienced, Reliable, Friendly, Economical and Innovative

Fully tested, tagged and insured !


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