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Stage and Drape Hire



Including a stage can improve the visual appearance and safety of your event.  Indoor staging comes in 300mm and 500mm hieghts.  Up to 20 sections 2m x 1.2m are available. This stage also suits bridal tables, speech podiums and catwalks. There is a minimum hire of $250 + GST plus delivery. We now have outdoor stage too. Each section is 2m x 1m and height adjustable from 400mm to 600mm. This is great for uneven or sloping ground.      We can supply drapes too. Drapes come in a variety of colours including Black, 'Stars and Spangles' and Bone white. Custom made drapes can also supplied.

Our most Popular Stage 6m x 3.2 m
Basic Stage hire.


The most common stage hired is 6m wide x 3.2m deep at 500mm high. This stage would suit most 5 - 7 piece bands. It can also be set up as a 4.8m wide x 4.0m deep stage. The cost includes delivery, set up  and pick up $550 + GST


Outdoor stage
stage outdoor
Outdoor Staging   -  New for 2020 !

For outdoor events we now have heavy duty laminated top decks. They have a strong aluminium frame and are fully height adjustable   up to   1 metre high. This means they can be set up on sloping or uneven ground.  As each set up is different price is on application.


Stage for Carousel
Staging at Carousel


There is sometimes a requirement to set up a stage at Carousel between the poles in the entrance. I have a specially cut stage that fits perfectly in this position. The cost includes delivery, set up  and pick up $550 + GST


Stage with Back drop
Drape hire


What is behind your entertainment?  An attractive drape can add real class to your event.  We can supply a velvet black, 'stars and spangles' or bone white drape to cover that unsightly wall behind your act. Drapes come up to 4m high.

We can also supply drapes made with your imagination! POA...

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