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Sound System Hire


Glenn Smith can provide a wide range of services. Our core business is sound system hire for a range of events from 50px to 2000 px. From small Vocal PA to powerful Concert PA's, we can get your event sounding great. Call and chat with Glenn to find out the best option for a band PA for your event. The prices assume a flat and short access and indoor. All PA systems include delivery, set up and pick up. Other options are available. Prices can be negotiated to suit your event.


Great for small acts up to 100px
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Vocal PA Hire

For small events this system will be the most cost effective. For an audience up to 100px, you will get a 16 ch analogue soundcraft mixer running 2 x 18 in subs and/or  2 x 15/horn midtops. Also included are up to 4 x 12 in monitors on 2 sends, 2 x Complimentary Led lights and  a great operator for 5hrs.


The  cost is  from $600 + GST


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Mid size PA hire

This is a very popular size package for most events. It is suitable for an audience  from 100- 400 px. Generaly, it will be supplied with single 18 in subs and either Long throw EV ETX 35p mid / tops or wide throw  15 in / horn Concert Speakers, depending on the room. An X-32 mixer with iPAd control are standard. Up to 6 sends of monitors and a 3 way drum monitor are included and 2 LED lights are always complimentary. 1 operator is included for a 5hr event.


The cost is from $800+ GST


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Concert PA hire


Now we are getting serious! For events up to 2000px we can offer great options! EV ETX 35p midtops, Double 18in subs, X-32 mixing, multiple sends of monitors, in-ear monitoring, delayed speakers and more are available.


Crown Paladium, Grand Hyatt Savoy, Atlantic Peninsular, Melbourne Pavilion? We are good to go!


Add your Brass secion, DJ, Lectern and room extension speakers and we have got it covered.


Call to negotiate the best deals!


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There are many options available. We can hire handheld wireless mics, wireless headset/lapel mics, in-ear monitors as well as extension speakers to fill your whole room for speeches and presentations.  We also have a small DJ console for hire and Live multitrack recording is  available.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​
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