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Mid Sized Sound Systems


For larger events where a vocal PA is just not enough, we have 'mid sized' sound systems. These systems will cater for audiences from 100 px to 400 px and up to 10 piece bands. Powered by an X32 digital mixer they can offer up to 8 or more monitor sends and come with all the modern bells and whistles. This is our most popular sound hire system.


Included with these systems are the following:


1 x X32 mixer and amp rack to suit..

Up to 4 x 18 in sub bass Speakers

2 x Etx 35p long throw mid/tops or 2 x 15/horn wide throw mid tops

Up to 8 monitor sends including up to 7 wedges and 1 x 18/10/horn drum monitor

All mics, DI's,  stands and leads you could need

1 x CD/USB Mp3 player

1 x sound guy and 2 x complimentary 100w Led lights

Delivery time of approx 2hrs, 5 hr event and 1.5 hr pack up.

From $650 + GST


Comes with EV Etx 35p mid/tops for long rooms or 15/horn for wide rooms.
Included is a hand crafted 3 way Drum monitor
X32 mixer and amp rack for amazing hitech sound mixed on an ipad to save space in your room!
Can be installed in very compact spaces without comprimizing sound quality!
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