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Vocal PA systems



For smaller events where your requirements are smaller, we can offer you a 'vocal' PA. These systems will cater for audiences up to 100 people and up to 4 piece bands. Powered by a smaller analogue  mixer they come with  2 monitor sends , reverb and a CD player. This system would suit small events including small weddings, wedding ceremomies, childrens shows etc.  Subs and lights are avaiable complimentary. These systems will happily run off our battery generators.



Included with these systems are the following:


1 x 16 channel mixer and amp rack to suit..

2 x 15/horn wide throw mid tops

Up to 2 x 18 in sub bass Speakers

2 monitor sends including up to 4 x wedges

All mics, DI's,  stands and leads to suit

1 x CD/USB mp3 player

1 x sound guy and 2 x complimentary 100w Led lights

Delivery time of approx 1hrs, 5 hr event and 0.5 hr pack up.

From $450 + GST

This is a Typical Vocal PA amp rack including a CD player, stereo FOH amps and 2 sends of FB.
This is a Vocal PA in use at Werribeee shopping Centre.
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