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USA, European or Chinese made PRO Audio gear.

Which is the best gear? American, European, Chinese? In days gone by I would have said USA or English. In days gone by I have used gear from companies including Soundcraft, JBL, RCF, Phase linear, DBX etc. I have had to do many repairs on this gear and it has not been perfect! In the last few years chinese companies have been producing some really well made gear at very competitive prices. Bob audio are a top end producer and make great gear. Behringer with a slightly shaky past are now producing some great gear, especially the X32 line up. I have used some chinese made 'Ande' components and they are terrific. I recently bought some EV USA made speakers, ETX35p, in which the 15 in driver failed twice. It was repaired under warranty and do sound great

but shows that everything made in the USA is not perfect!

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