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Best Speakers for your Event

What are the best speakers for your event? Well this depends on the size and shape of your room!

If your room is long and/or very reverberant (like a town hall for example) you will need long throw speakers with a narrow audio pattern of 40 degress (e.g. St Kilda Town Hall) which which will help to reduce reverbaration and extend clarity to the back of the event space. You should use our EV ETX 35 p speakers. To enhance clarity at the back of the room you may need to add extra speakers on a delay (to avoid the train station effect) to project clear sound to the rear of the room.

If your room is wide and the back wall is close, you should use a wide throw speakers with a 90 degree pattern. If you need to service the wide extremes of the room for speeches etc ( as can happen at Zinc or the National Gallery) then we can add outrigger speakers ( not on delay ) so your extreme audience is not left out! Nothing worse than speeches that cannot be heard!

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